Niamh is now available for webinars and online coaching

Niamh Hannan, Psychologist & Coach

“I work with all types of organizations to build resilience and improve wellbeing at work, including working with Senior Leaders to build people skills and create a thriving workforce. I offer talks, training and coaching programs designed to meet the needs of your organisation. Retain staff, improve engagement and performance and grow your bottom line by investing in your people and their wellbeing.”

With MindWorks you can trust that the information has been researched and is based on the latest evidence from Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and other relevant psychological research areas.

I promise – No Psychobabble! Research is translated into fun and effective training for your team.

Workshops Talks Coaching  

Niamh is a Chartered Psychologist (PsSI), with a special interest in Positive Psychology (including Certification in Emotional Intelligence) and Leadership development. Whether you are looking for expertise in Workplace Wellbeing, or Emotional Intelligence coaching for your leadership team, with 20 years experience in the field Niamh has an array of services to meet your needs.

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Personal and professional development in as little as half a day! Your team will learn new skills which can be applied immediately to make the vital difference. New workshops in 2019/2020 include Positive Leadership, Embracing Change, Relationship Building Skills, Resilience & Personal Effectiveness.


Learn new skills that can be applied immediately in various situations at work and at home. The Secret to Happiness, Building Resilience, Introduction to Mindfulness, Positive Mental Health – just some of the topics on offer.


Niamh has 20 years experience working 1to1 with clients; helping to clear unhelpful thinking patterns, connect a person with their deepest self and highest potential, and create a brighter future. Niamh’s  expertise is in the soft skills, helping build awareness and grow emotional intelligence, vital to leadership today.

Other Services

Niamh has expertise in various areas including:

  • EQi2.0 Certified – Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching
  • Self-Care (particularly for the helping professions)
  • Critical Incident Response (responding to work emergencies & trauma)
  • Positive Leadership
  • Mindfulness & Mindful Self-Compassion