Adult One to One

Adult One to One Sessions

What you can expect:

I won’t sit silently analyzing. And I won’t just focus on your past. I believe that a person needs to feel safe in order to be able to open up. My style is warm, engaging with the person; my sessions are interactive. I adapt the approach to suit the needs of the client, some sessions may be therapeutic in nature, other sessions may be more like coaching. Research shows that its not the theoretical approach that makes the difference, but the relationship between therapist and client. If you feel a ‘click’ with your therapist/coach, if you feel you can trust them and that they ‘get’ you, then you are on the path to success. Its my job to create the right environment so that you are safe to grow. By first establishing a Connection, then we can move on to Clear (stuff from the past) and Create (what you want for your future)!

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