empowering female leaders to thrive

Are you so busy looking after others that you forget to look after yourself? Do you find that your workplace wellness programs are built to meet the needs of employees but fall short for leaders? Would you like to build your capacity to deal with pressure and grow your leadership potential?

It is time to start looking after yourself so you can perform at your highest level.

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Demands on female leaders are higher than ever.

Now more than ever they need to be resilient, decisive, clear in their communication, compassionate and emotionally intelligent – firing on all cylinders and still present and tuned in to support their team through such times of rapid change and disruption.

With mental health and stress issues across the workforce, plus so many dealing with illness and loss, leaders are finding they have a tight line to walk – keep up the performance so that they still have jobs, but be supportive and don’t pressurise because people have enough to cope with right now. The stakes are high. The pressure is on, and has been on for so long now it feels exhausting.

And yet, if you don’t take time to fill your own tank, you will have nothing to give. You cannot afford that to happen. Burnout is on the increase; if you want to prevent illness and exhaustion you must find a way to look after yourself and stay well. Leadership can be isolating. In times like this we all need support.

That’s why I’ve developed Looking After the Leaders, a program to support your wellbeing and leadership development through the pandemic and beyond.

Does this sound familiar?


You like to be on top of your game – but the game keeps changing, so you’re feeling the pressure.  You’re motivated, always pushing forward, you love to learn and grow both personally and professionally. You believe in constantly evolving. You give so much to your team, you look out for them, you care; which means that sometimes you’re spread too thinly and there’s not much left for you. You’re not afraid of hard work – you must be pretty resilient to have come this far – but you know there are some pieces still holding you back from being at your best.

Being a woman in leadership can be a lonely place, with tough choices, always having to prioritise what you allocate your time to; and very often work seems to win at the cost of your personal life. You’d love to have a better balance, not to feel so guilty in relation to family/kids, and just to have more time for yourself. You tend to be hard on yourself, push yourself, but sometimes you don’t know how to be kind to yourself and just listen to what you really need.

You’d love to have some space to reflect, to build awareness, to grow into the potential of who you really are as a leader. The opportunity to build your tolerance for stress so that you feel stronger, more resilient, better able to cope with all that work and life throws at you (2020 being an excellent example of the surprises life can bring!) You want to get better at looking after your health and wellbeing, because you want to be in the best possible state to influence and create a thriving team and workforce.

You don’t want to do ‘yet another course’ – you want anything you invest your time into to make a lasting real impact. You want the time to be able to integrate your learnings into your work and life. You want things to be different for you as a result – you want to feel better, work with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, you want to feel fulfilled, energised, and enthused! Looking After the Leaders offers you the transformation you are looking for. But hurry! Only a small number of women like yourself will be accepted onto the founding program, because this is an exclusive opportunity for the group to bond, to share their vast experience, to be mentored on the journey together, and to be part of this program at this crucial time when the world is so unpredictable.

The Looking After The Leaders Program

will help you to:

  • Re-connect more deeply with yourself, bring meaning and passion back into your life
  • Grow your resilience & coping skills to feel stronger within yourself
  • Reduce stress & boost your wellbeing
  • Communicate more effectively and clearly
  • Grow in confidence & build your self regard
  • Learn how to value yourself so others do too
  • Build your emotional intelligence – a key set of skills required of top leaders today
  • Feel more present with your family

Not only will you be building your own resevoir of personal resilience and development,  but everything you learn can be applied immediately in the workplace to benefit both you and your teams.

What Is Included:

Full Day Remote Sessions x 6

Sessions are run 1 day per month, currently they will be delivered remotely but there is a possibility of coming together in person for the penultimate session, depending on the Covid situation.  Groups are deliberately kept at a small group size and are highly interactive.  They are semi-structured, including the sharing of content, daily theme, lots of time for discussion, reflection and practice.   We will focus on applied learning and growth experience.

Sessions run on the first Thursday of each month from 21st January, 2021 to 17th June 2021 inclusive:

  • 21st January, 2021
  • 18th February, 2021
  • 18th March, 2021
  • 15th April, 2021
  • 20th May, 2021
  • 17th June, 2021

Online Access To All Content

Online access to a private members only area to access all the resources to support your journey

Monthly Group Coaching Call

Your opportunity to stay accountable, push on with your goals, make progress, ask questions and get support along the way!

Custom Guided Meditations

Free selection of Guided Meditations to keep your head clear, calm and focused so that you can be at your best even through times of disruption.

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance (Personal & Professional Development Certificate) which can be used for your organization when you complete the program.

+ Free Goodies

A welcome pack with some helpful free goodies to keep you on track and excited about your progress.  

Fast Action Bonus!  (Worth €500)

**Limited To The First 10 Participants**

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment EQi2.0 (pre-course)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be defined as a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. The EQ-i 2.0 is a scientifically-validated psychometric assessment which measures emotional intelligence (EI) and how it can impact people and the workplace.

EQi2.0 Leadership Report

the Leadership Report gives you feedback on your scores on 15 areas of Emotional Intelligence and hones in on leadership development, executive development and coaching, and developing high potential leaders. The report also contains insights on the possible implications of results, and which skills have the highest potential of becoming leadership derailers. Strategies for development will be provided with the aim to attain true leadership potential, while being able to compare results against top leaders as a benchmark.

1-1 Session: EQ Feedback

An in-depth coaching session empowering you to make sense of your report, understand the links between the 15 subscales, and identify where you want to focus your development and set goals.

Who Is Niamh Hannan?

I have been working as a Psychologist for over 20 years and have been in many different offices in many different industries. In my work as a coach and as a facilitator, I have seen firsthand the struggles women, in particular, face in leadership today. I cannot just sit back and watch people work themselves into illness and exhaustion.

Having been involved in the wellbeing arena since 2004, I have worked alongside many Wellness providers over the years. I feel strongly that leaders need additional support to what is available for employees. A team can thrive or alternatively, not survive, depending on their leader. Engagement levels, wellbeing, mood, performance, effectiveness of the team – all are affected by the leader’s state. How can we expect our workforce to feel supported during stressful times, how can we keep performance high and keep spirits high, how can we lead teams who thrive, if we don’t look after our leaders?

Looking after our leaders is my passion and I am looking forward to helping you develop personally and professionally to become a more fulfilled and effective leader.

Count Me In!


My Promise & Guarantee

I have absolute faith that the material delivered and the experience created in this program will be totally transformational, but if you are not satisfied after attending the first 3 months and taking part in the exercises, I will give you your money back.

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Registration for 2020 is now closed, please join the waitlist for January 2021 to be one of the first to be notified when it opens back up.

What my clients say:

Niamh was honestly the most interesting, clear and informative trainer / speaker we have ever had in here. It was really really interesting and so relevant. I can honestly say it was the best investment we have made to date. Our Senior managers were so impressed and everyone who attended have nothing but great praise. The content was fantastic and to be honest we have set the benchmark for future trainings. Our Senior Manager has even mentioned that all our training will be coming from you in future due to the standard Niamh provided so it’s great.
Sean Ennis

HR Generalist, Telefonica

Niamh, Thanks for sticking with me for as long as it took. You’re the first (person) who has helped me MASTER stress. You’ve given me invaluable tools and hacks to support me into the future. I’ve been tested over the last number of years and all the tools helped me to effectively manage the trauma and look after myself too. I’m more confident in my abilities to overcome and deal with trauma, stressors now and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Program FAQ

1. What is going to happen on those full days online?

I am very aware that a full day online is taxing, and you certainly can’t listen to me all day 🙂 The full days will be very interactive with regular breaks. Self-care is a strong focus of this course so the day will be set up to support you in your wellbeing, including having time for fresh air and lunch, stretch breaks, etc. The platform I will be using is Zoom, so there will be lots of use of the breakout rooms in pairs and small groups. It is important that the group are given the opportunity to gel and get to know each other, to feel safe and secure, to learn from each other, and just to have fun too! I have run other full-day courses online and engagement has been really good with positive feedback. The time will fly!

2. What will we cover?

Each month will have a different theme, and then we will have a group coaching call half-way through the month to answer questions, keep you on track with your goals, keep in touch, offer support, etc. This whole program has been set up to meet a need that is huge at this point in time – to support leaders in their own wellbeing so that they are in a better position to support their teams. Stress management, building resilience and self-care are all components of developing emotional intelligence so I will be drawing on my knowledge and experience to empower a deeper understanding of all of these topics and bring them into practical application for you in work and in life.


Resilience involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that anyone can learn and develop. Like building a muscle, increasing your resilience takes time and intentionality. This program’s focus on 6 key areas

1) Increasing Positive Emotions

2) Growing Engagement

3) Building Connections and Relationships

4) Finding Purpose and Meaning

5) Recognising Accomplishments

6) Embracing Healthy Habits – can empower you to lead your life more fully whilst developing your potential as a leader.

3. What are the Content Details?

Built based on Seligman’s Resilience & Wellbeing PERMA model, the building blocks for resilience and growth; each month will have a theme as follows:

Positive Emotions – learn how to boost your mood and wellbeing by working on your emotional fitness. Gain confidence as you identify your strengths and develop your potential, then do the same for your team! Our first day together will also focus on creating safety within the group and agreeing boundaries.

Engagement – understand how to stay motivated and engaged, and how to keep your team engaged too, even when working remotely.

Relationships – the key to our long-term happiness, you’ll learn more about yourself and others so that you can build more successful and meaningful relationships and better handle those trickier work relationships

Meaning – move deeper into your purpose and gain a sense of clarity about your life and your work, and what’s important to you at a deeper level. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and what’s really important to you.

Achievement/Accomplishment – build your confidence and satisfaction, recognise limiting beliefs and break through your ceiling to achieve more than ever before!

Healthy Habits – build your resilience by taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing in all areas of your life. We will practice self-care along the entire journey.

These will be held as broad themes each month, with focus too on building self-awareness, learning new skills and tools, enhancing emotional intelligence as a leader. You will be supported to move from survive to thrive!

4. What is involved? What do I get for my investment?


  • 1 day/month – 6 month course run remotely (with the possibility of coming together in person for the penultimate session, depending on Covid situation)
  • Run on the first Thursday of each month from 1st October 2020 to March 2021 inclusive (1/10/20, 5/11/20, 3/12/20, 7/1/21, 4/2/21, 4/3/21)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call- Your opportunity to stay accountable, push on with your goals, make progress, ask questions and get support along the way.
  • Free selection of Guided Meditations to keep your head clear, calm and focused so that you can be at your best even through times of disruption.
  • Certificate of Attendance (Personal & Professional Development Certificate) which can be used for your organization when you complete the program.
  • Small group size
  • Highly interactive
  • Semi-structured – sharing of content, daily theme, lots of time for discussion, reflection, practice. Applied learning & growth experience.


Plus Bonus! Limited to the first 10 to Sign up! Worth €500

  • Emotional Intelligence assessment EQi2.0 (pre-course)
  • Your Free EQi2.0 Leadership Report
  • Free EQ feedback 1to1 coaching session (up to 2hrs, run remotely) where you will be supported to get clear on your goals


And New this week! Worth €45+p/m brand new software to allow free 6 month membership for Founding Members to basically have me at your fingertips via a secure texting App, where you can ask questions and get tips and support between our meetings.


Plus Free Goodies! Posted to you for that extra excitement.