The role of a Positive Mental Health Champion in the workplace is to be a go-to support person for anyone struggling with mental health difficulties. This training day is designed to educate participants on mental health and well-being and to build skills necessary for champions to support colleagues in their wellbeing at work.The greater aim within the workplace is to reduce stigma and increase awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing. This is a full day workshop.


The aim in the morning session is to build participants understanding of wellbeing versus ill health; and to equip them with the necessary skills to support colleagues in the Champion role.

1. Introduction to Health & Wellbeing

  • Mental Health vs Mental Illness
  • Recognising symptoms of Depression and Panic
  • Stress, mental health issues
  • Workplace issues affecting wellbeing ā€“ bullying, harassment, conflict etc.
  • Tips on How you can Stay Well, incl. Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Connection

2. Understanding the Champion role in the workplace

  • Walking the Walk
  • Positive role models
  • Duty of care
  • Employee expectations
  • Boundaries
  • Referring on ā€“ Resources

3. Effective Skills for Champions

  • Active Listening Skills & growing Awareness
  • Tips for Dealing Effectively with a Stressed/Distressed Colleague
  • Pressing the PAUSE button (Respond, not React)
  • Taking time
  • Explore in more detail with colleague
  • Being aware of your own state & your impact on other person
  • Tone
  • Responding with empathy
  • Self-protection visualisation
  • Deep Breathing exercise to help anyone to calm
  • Role-plays


Understanding Stress & Self-Care

The aim of the afternoon session is to familiarize participants with Stress: what it is, how to prevent it and most importantly, how to deal with stress when you canā€™t prevent it. Simple tips and tools are given which can be put into practice immediately to make a difference. The skills learned can also be used by Champions to help colleagues in the workplace.

  • Mindfulness exercise, to become present
  • Definition & Consequences of Stress
  • 3 Approaches to Managing Stress
  • Resilience
  • Self-Care model ā€“ the Energy Tank
  • Wheel of Life (work-life balance exercise)
  • Developing a Gratitude Practice
  • Relaxation technique to end