Mindworks combines the latest techniques from Psychology (including Positive Psychology), Neuroscience and other sciences to produce our material. All our talks & workshops are practical, fun and interactive – you will leave with new skills which can be applied immediately in various situations at work and at home.

All of our material is drawn from research that shows the best way of developing people is to get them to use their minds more effectively. Something most people know nothing about. What separates us from the pack is our approach. We focus on drawing out the potential of our audience rather than just lecturing to them.


Positive Mental Health Champions

The role of a Positive Mental Health Champion in the workplace is to be a go-to support person for anyone struggling with mental health difficulties. This training day is designed to educate participants on mental health and well-being and to build skills necessary...

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Adapting to Change

Moving on from a job we’ve held for a significant amount of time, means a lot of change. And change is something we all deal with differently – some embrace it, some resist it, but we all have to figure out how to deal with change as best we can. Even positive life...

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Resilience and Personal Effectiveness

Research from Positive Psychology shows that when the brain is in positive, as opposed to negative or even neutral, it performs significantly better – intelligence rises, we’re more creative & innovative, we perform up to 37% better, energy rises (Achor, 2010)....

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Relationship-Building Skills

We generally spend at least 40 hours a week at work, usually with other people. Positive relationships at work, based on respect, cooperation and trust, are essential to our happiness. What makes us happy in life is the lasting positive relationships with the people...

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Introduction to Positive Leadership

“Positive leadership refers to the implementation of multiple positive practices that help individuals and organizations achieve their highest potential, flourish at work, experience elevating energy and achieve levels of effectiveness difficult to attain otherwise.”...

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Embracing Change – Mindset Training

In today’s workplace, change is constant. The most recent research indicates that we are wired to be resilient enough to deal with the delicate balance between stability and change. So why do so many people seem to struggle with and resist change? Time and again,...

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Niamh will help you to choose the workshop most suitable for your needs and can design a workshop (half or full-day) specifically for your organization. Please Call On +353 87 997 5226 for further information.


Excellent trainer – really relevant content to everyday life.

Very clear, great presence, great delivery style.

 Niamh was on message. She gave us all excellent tips in how to manage day to day stress in one hour!! (J. Ryan Murphy, FoodWorks)

Fantastic. Best session yet in this office. (Leman Solicitors)